Bins N lists into an N dimensional object. [N < = 7]





An event dataset is binned up into a binned dataset. Each event list selected (except QUALITY) will be binned into an output dimension.

The binning of each axis may be either regularly or irregularly spaced. If regularly spaced, then bins may be specified either by bin width, or by the number of bins required. Also, each axis may have either increasing or decreasing axis values. This is not controlled by the user, but by the decreasing flag in each list.

All bins are inclusive of their lower bound and exclusive of their upper bound. Note that if the axis values are decreasing the lower bound will have a larger axis value than the upper bound.

The way QUALITY lists are handled is controlled by 2 parameters QVAL, and QKEEP. Values present in the quality list > QVAL are treated as bad quality values. If QKEEP is true, then bad events are written to the output data array, and the corresponding element of the output quality array is set to bad (i.e.1). If QKEEP is false, then all bad events are simply ignored, and no output quality array is produced.