Birmingham Extragalactic Publications: 1999 - present

A measurement of sigma-8 from physical cluster models
Balogh M, Babul A, Voit M, Jones LR, Ebeling H, 2004, MNRAS in press
An XMM-Newton observation of the massive binary HD 159176
De Becker M,  Rauw G, Pittard J M,  Antokhin II, Stevens IR, Gosset E,  Owocki SP, 2004, AA, 416, 221
Quasi-simultaneous XMM-Newton and VLA observation of the non-thermal radio emitter HD 168112 (O5.5III(f+))
De Becker M, Rauw G, Blomme R, Waldron WL, Sana H, Pittard JM, Eenens P, Stevens IR, Runacres MC, Van Loo S, Pollock  AMT, 2004, A&A, 420, 1061
The Utilisation of Pulsars as SETI Beacons
Edmondson WH, Stevens IR, 2004, International Journal of Astrobiology, 2, 231
The K band galaxy luminosity functions of three massive high redshift clusters of galaxies
Ellis SC, Jones LR 2004, MNRAS, 348, 165
X-Raying Chemical Evolution and Galaxy Formation in the Antennae
Fabbiano G,  Baldi A, King  AR,  Ponman TJ, Raymond J,  Read A, Rots A,  Schweizer F, Zezas A.  2004, ApJ Lett 605, 21
Jet termination in wide-angle tail radio sources
Hardcastle M J,  Sakelliou I., 2004, MNRAS, 349, 560
Chandra and XMM-Newton Observations of NGC4214: the Hot ISM and  the Luminosity Function of Dwarf Starburst Galaxies
Hartwell JM, Stevens IR, Strickland DK, Heckman TM, Summers LK, 2004, MNRAS, 348, 406
Probing the wind-wind collision in Gamma Velorum with high-resolution Chandra X-ray spectroscopy
Henley DB, Stevens IR, Pittard JM, 2004, MNRAS, submitted
Scaling relations in early-type galaxies belonging to groups
Khosroshahi HG, Raychaudhury S, Miles TA, Ponman TJ, Forbes DA, 2003, MNRAS, 349, 527
An old galaxy group: Chandra X-ray observations of the nearby fossil group NGC 6482
Khosroshahi HG, Jones LR, Ponman TJ, 2003, MNRAS, 349, 1240
An XMM-Newton observation of the massive, relaxed galaxy cluster ClJ1226.9+3332 at z=0.89
Maughan, BJ., Jones, LR, Ebeling, H, Scharf C, 2003, MNRAS, 351, 1193
XMM-Newton observations of the relaxed, high-redshift galaxy cluster ClJ0046.3+8530 at z=0.62
Maughan BJ, Jones LR, Lumb D, Ebeling H, Gondoin P, 2004, MNRAS,  in press
An X-ray Investigation of the NGC346 field in the SMC (3) XMM-Newton Data
Naze Y, Manfroid J, Stevens IR,  Corcoran MF, Flores A, 2004, ApJ, 608, 208
XMM-Newton observations of the merger-remnant galaxies NGC 3921 and NGC 7252
Nolan LA, Ponman TJ, Read AM, Schweizer F, 2004 MNRAS, 353, 221
The GEMS project: X-ray analysis and statistical properties of the group sample
Osmond, JPF, Ponman TJ, 2004, MNRAS, 350, 1511
The unusual morphology of the intragroup medium in NGC 5171
Osmond JPF, Ponman TJ, Finoguenov A,  2004, MNRAS, in press, astro-ph/0408206
XMM-Newton and Chandra observations of three X-ray-faint early-type  galaxies
O'Sullivan E,  Ponman TJ, 2004, MNRAS, 349, 535
The isolated elliptical NGC 4555 observed with Chandra
O'Sullivan E,  Ponman TJ, 2004, MNRAS, in press, astro-ph/0407552
Doppler Imaging, Chemical Composition and Ionization Structure of the X-ray Shocks in WR140 near Periastron as Revealed by the Chandra Gratings
Pollock AMT, Corcoran MF, Stevens IR, Williams PM, 2004, ApJ, (submitted)
The Chandra view of NGC1800 and the X-ray scaling properties of dwarf starbursts
Rasmussen J, Stevens, IR,  Ponman TJ, 2004, MNRAS, tmp, 352
XMM-Newton observations of two X-ray-bright galaxy groups - pushing out to r500
Rasmussen J, Ponman TJ, 2004, MNRAS, 349, 722
XMM-Newton observations of the binary cluster system Abell 399/401
Sakelliou I,   Ponman TJ, 2004, MNRAS, 351,1439
A phase resolved XMM-Newton Campaign on the Colliding Wind Binary  HD152248
Sana H, Stevens IR, Gosset E, Rauw G, Vreux J-M, 2004, MNRAS, 350, 809
X-ray Flares from the Ultraluminous X-ray source in NGC5408
Soria R, Motch C, Read AM, Stevens IR, 2004, A&A, (in press)
Magnetospheric Radio Emission from Extrasolar Giant Planets: The Role of the Host Stars
Stevens I.R., 2004, (submitted)
Chandra and XMM-Newton Observations of NGC5253: Analysis of the X-ray Emission from a Dwarf Starburst Galaxy
Summers LK, Stevens IR, Strickland DK, Heckman TM,  2004, MNRAS, 351, 1
The XMM-LSS survey. First high redshift galaxy clusters: Relaxed and collapsing systems
Valtchanov I, Pierre M, Willis J, Dos Santos S, Jones LR, Adami C, Altieri B, Andreon S, Bolzonella M, Duc PA, Gosset E, Jean C, Surdej I, 2004, A&A, 423, 75
The radial dependence of the colour-magnitude relation in high redshift X-ray selected clusters
Wake DA, Collins CA, Jones LR, Nichol RC, Burke DJ, 2004, ApJ submitted


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