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Group Evolution Multiwavelength Study

The GEMS project is a collaboration involving groups at Birmingham, Liverpool John Moores, Melbourne, Nottingham, Sussex and Swinburne Universities. Our aim is to combine data taken in a variety of wavebands, to study the properties of galaxy groups and the galaxies within them. Comparing these properties with cosmological simulations and evolutionary models, will improve our understanding of the way in which galaxies evolve within the environment in which they are most commonly found.


* Sample Selection A brief explanation of the GEMS sample selection.
* Summary Summary of data.
* History History log for GEMS web.


* Catalogue A summary of all 60 groups in the GEMS sample.
* Membership Data Details of the optical membership of each group.
* X-ray Data Results from X-ray analysis.
* Simulation Data Results from Frazer Pearce's simulations.
* Images Images of all 60 groups in Postscript and GIF.
* Contacts List of contacts.


* HI Data Nuria McKay's HI Data Page.

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