The Gravitation Group

School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT
United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0) 121 41 XXXXX
Fax +44 (0) 121 414 3722

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Prof. Clive Speake

Position: Professor of Experimental Physics

E-mail: c.c.speake[at]

Telephone: 0121 414 4679


Research Group: Gravitational Physics

Research Interests: Precision measurements in fundamental physics in the laboratory and in space: determination of Newton’s constant of gravitation, tests of the equivalence principle, geophysical tests of the inverse square law of gravitation, searches for macroscopic violation of time reversal symmetry. Development of a spherical superconducting torsion balance, low-temperature instrumentation and techniques. Optical and capacitive sensing for drag-free satellite control. Gravitational waves detector technology. Solar and asteroseismology instrumentation and observations


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