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University of Birmingham
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Plenary Sessions

Cosmology and structure formation
Extreme environments and the laws of physics
Fundamental physics and the early universe
New astronomy from novel analysis techniques
Planetary formation and prospects for life
Solar stellar connection (UKSP)
Star formation and galaxy evolution

Parallel Sessions

Accretion onto compact objects
Astronomy in schools
Astro-chemistry: current trends and future directions
Astroparticle and fundamental physics
Baryon physics in cosmology: observation
Baryon physics in cosmology: simulations
Bayesian techniques in astronomy
Feedback in galaxies
Future observing opportunities
Galaxy evolution
Gamma-ray bursts
Gravitational waves
Grid applications & e-Science
Historical astronomy
Low mass stars and stellar activity
New astronomical instrumentation
Novel algorithms for astronomical analysis
Planetary probes
Planet formation: observations
Planet formation: theory
Primordial fluctuations and cosmological backgrounds
Pulsars and supernovae
Spitzer results
Star formation: model vs. observations
Supermassive black holes
The distribution of mass
The first galaxies
Active regions and flares (UKSP)
Coronal heating (UKSP)
Coronal seismology (UKSP)
From the solar wind to the heliosphere (UKSP)
Magnetohelioseismology (UKSP)
The Solar Interior and the Dynamo (UKSP)