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Cosmology and structure formation
Simon White Large scale simulation of the galaxy/AGN population download
Matthew Colless Once and future surveys download
Extreme environments and the laws of physics
Chris Done Extreme environments and the laws of physics download
Peter Saulson Gravitational wave observations as a probe for strong gravity download
Fundamental physics and the early universe
Andrew Liddle Inflation and the standard cosmological model download
Andre Lukas String cosmology download
New astronomy from novel analysis techniques
Alex Szalay The potential of the virtual observatory download
Ofer Lahav Data compression, classification and parameter estimation download
Planetary formation and prospects for life
Keith Horne Exoplanetary systems download
Simon Conway Morris Life in the Universe  
Solar stellar connection (UKSP)
Robert Rosner Connecting theory and observations of stellar magnetic activity: new results and new problems  
Mike Lockwood Long-term solar variability: implications for global warming download
Star formation and galaxy evolution
Roger Davies Galaxy evolution through the Eyes of SAURON  
Neal Evans Star formation in a galactic context download