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This part of the website will be used for press notices, and related matters, during the meeting.


If you have results to be presented at the meeting which may be suitable for a press release, please contact the RAS Communication Officers, Anita Heward, or Peter Bond, before the meeting.


During the meeting, the Press Room will be located in Room B1, in the basement of the Mechanical Engineering building. It will be open 5 - 8 April; 8.14am to 5.45pm Tuesday to Thursday and 8.45pm to 1.00pm Friday.


Ms Anita Heward
Tel:   +44 (0)1483 420904
Mobile:   +44 (0)7778 538449
E-mail:   anitaheward@btinternet.com


Mr Peter Bond
Tel:   +44 (0)1483 268672
Fax:   +44 (0)1483 274047
Mobile:   +44 (0)7711 213486
E-mail:   PeterRBond@aol.com
Press Releases
08/04/2005 RAS PN 05/23 (NAM 16): Discovery of Giant X-ray Loop Hints at Cosmic Particle Accelerator
RAS PN 05/24 (NAM 17): Ground-based telescopes have an extremely large future
RAS PN 05/25 (NAM 18): Clusters, near and far, have a lot in common
RAS PN 05/26 (NAM 19): X-ray vision of violence in interacting galaxy clusters
07/04/2005 RAD PN 05/20 (NAM 13): Solving the mystery of solar flares
RAS PN 05/21 (NAM 14): Concentrated dark matter at the cores of fossil galaxies
RAS PN 05/22 (NAM 15): Solution found for Cosmology's Great Pancake Mystery?
RAS PN 05/27 (NAM 20): UK provides effective access yo upcoming Solar Dynamics Observatory
06/04/2005 RAS PN 05/15 (NAM 8): Waves in stellar atmospheres
RAS PN 05/16 (NAM 9): Massive black holes growing in distant young galaxies
RAS PN 05/17 (NAM 10): First stars seen in distant galaxies
RAS PN 05/19 (NAM 12): Supercomputer simulations shed light on cataclysmic variable flashes
RAS PN 05/30 (NAM 22): Astronomers expect to be "Dazled" by views of the ancient Universe
05/04/2005 RAS PN 05/10 (NAM 3): 'Earths' galore swait discovery
RAS PN 05/11 (NAM 4): Distant super-starburst galaxies hide active black holes
RAS PN 05/12 (NAM 5): First results from Swift
RAS PN 05/13 (NAM 6): Clues to supernova origin found in dusty stellar wind
RAS PN 05/14 (NAM 7): Archive trawl gives BiSON three decades of solar music
RAS PN 05/28 (NAM 21): LISA and the search for elusive gravity waves
04/04/2005 RAS PN 05/18 (NAM 11): Astronomers discover mysterious new star clusters
17/03/2005 RAS PN 05/09 (NAM 2): 2nd media announcemnt
11/02/2005 RAS PN05/04 (NAM 1): 1st media announcement