Large Format Poster Printing


The large format plotter is available to print posters for displays and presentations for staff and students of the University of Birmingham.
The posters are printed on a 36 inch wide high gloss paper roll, length is trimmed automatically by the plotter, width manually by the user. We do not print on cloth.
Standard paper sizes include A0, A1, Arch E.
Custom page sizes can be accommodated up to 917mm (36.1") by 15m (50ft).

To chop off the excess paper there is a guillotine available outside the office.


Please be aware that the staff providing the printing service are not dedicated to this task, and you are strongly advised to leave plenty of time between your print job submission and the required by date. The usual hours for the printing service are 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.

Job Submission

To ensure that you provide all the right details, and to make plotting your job easier, please use the provided system.


You can bring posters on memory sticks as a last resort, but the job submission form needs to be completed anyway.

Please note that the maximum file size that can be submitted online is 20MB. For information on how to send larger files please see the job submission page or contact us.

The posters can be collected from Poynting Physics (R13), room PB8E. Directions can be found here

The most straight forward access is through Physics West (R8). From the Physics West entrance opposite the clock tower, go down the stairs, then turn right and walk up the basement corridor. PB8 is on the left.

File Formats

PDF is the recommended file format because you can review exactly what will be sent to me outside of the application that created the poster.
Microsoft Office users are recommended to export as a PDF and submit that.
Mac & Unix users should always export/print to PDF rather than an office file.
Alternatively, you can send Microsoft Office, Libre/Open Office and most standard image types.

Important: If you send a native document format please make sure all pictures and fonts are embedded in the poster. (File > Options > Save >> Embed fonts in the file = ticked)

Page Costs

Size Cost
Arch E26
Custom page poa


Your New Core account code is all we need.

We cannot accept cash payments.

Paper sizes

Custom sizes: As long as the inked area and the paper length doesn’t exceed a standard size we will use the standard rate for that size. You must put your custom size requirements in the comment section when submitting your poster. The Maximum width is 917mm. (Note A1 posters are auto rotated by the printer so the maximum custom size is 594 x 917 mm)

Multiple small pages printed on one large page: If you send one file with all the formatting already done then I’ll print it.

Poster Creation Tips

Example files


Application page size

You should always set your application's page size to the sizes above. If you use an application page size that is very small e.g. A4 and I have to enlarge it to fit your requested page size you may be disappointed with the print quality.


If you need to contact someone:
Email: posterking[at]
Plot queue administrator: John Bryant ext 4-6471 Poynting Physics Room PB8E.

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