"From Cluster Centres to Filaments of Galaxies: Galaxy evolution on large scales" By Kevin Pimbblet, University of Queensland

To probe the origin of fundamental correlations such as the morphology-density relation, a typical approach is to divide up galaxies in to different "environmental" bins using local galaxy density, or cluster-centric radius as a proxy for environment. This approach misses some of the detail available, however. By focusing on galaxies inside filaments of galaxies, we have found evidence for an enhancement of star formation at 3 Mpc from cluster centres that is not ordinarily seen with a radially averaged approach. In this talk, I will review my involvement in galaxy evolution taking place in galaxy clusters and their nearby large-scale environs over the past few years and how this lead to an interest in filaments. I will outline the results that we have achieved by probing filaments as celestial objects in their own right and where it is taking us.

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