About us.

Researchers across all disciplines are increasingly relying on advanced statistical methods to analyse and interpret data. This fortnightly series of tutorials in modern statistical inference, with an emphasis on Bayesian methods, will help students and staff to develop key skills in data analysis that are essential in both research and industry in today's data driven era.

The project will help to stimulate new ideas and collaborations within the University and beyond. In particular, it will benefit students to engage in discussions with experts and fellow students alike, and to get hands-on experience using statistical methods that they can to use throughout their future careers. The tutorials will also help students develop the statistical literacy required to understand modern academic papers.

TISI is a series of 2-hour workshops run fortnightly between March and July 2015. If you would like to know more, please register your interest by emailing us at:

TISI is organised by:

Simon Stevenson

Maggie Lieu

Carl-Johan Haster

Christopher Berry

Will Farr

This project is funded by the CLAD student-led EEF .