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Workshop on: 
"The Environments of Galaxies"

11,12th August 2000

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9th Jan, 2001
We have updated the programme of talks to include hyperlinks to online versions of some contributions. If your contribution is not currently linked to,  please contact Ale Terlevich with the location of the link you would like inserted.

8th June, 2000
The programme of talks has now been finalised, and will be emailed to all registered participants. If you are registered, and you have not recieved this mail, please contact the LOC.

23rd May. 2000
Registration has now closed for the workshop. We have made a  list of all those currently registered available on this web site. If you have any queries regarding this list, or you are not on it and you feel you should be, please email the LOC.


This 2 day workshop will focus on how the local environment affects the evolution of galaxies and how the galaxies themselves affect their surroundings.
The workshop will be on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th August, so as to minimize any overlap with relevant sessions at the IAU General Assembly in Manchester. It will held at the University of Birmingham. IAU participants may find it convenient to make day trips from Manchester to Birmingham University station (less than 2hrs on the train). Attendance at the workshop will be limited to encourage informal discussions.

Scientific Background

Galaxies are found in a wide range of environments, from isolated field galaxies, through groups, to rich clusters. Different astrophysical processes (such as galaxy interactions/mergers, accretion of companion galaxies, infall of gas, ram pressure stripping) dominate in the different environments and shape the galaxies we see today. The old nature-nurture debate continues about the extent to which the environment influences the formation of galaxies, or their subsequent evolution. Galaxies also have an important effect on the environment around them via outflows of mass, energy and enriched material. Hence studies of the media between galaxies can reveal important clues about the past histories of galaxies as well as the formation and evolution of groups and clusters.
These topics are particularly timely in view of the increased sophistication of galaxy and cluster simulations and new multiwavelength data from new ground-based telescopes (eg Keck, VLT, Gemini, mm array) and satellites (eg HST, ISO, Chandra and XMM). Bringing together the interplay between galaxies and their environment, with its rich array of astrophysical processes, promises to create a lively workshop.

Scientific organizing committee
  • C. Mihos (Case Western Reserve Univ., USA) 
  • D. Minniti (Universidad Católica, Chile)
  • R. Norris(Australia Telescope National Facility, Australia)
  • T.J. Ponman(University of Birmingham, UK)
  • F. Schweizer (Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA)
  • S. White (Max-Planck Institut für Astrophysik, Germany)
Local organizing committee

Financial Information

The financial backing for this workshop is very limited, so unfortunately we will not, in general, be able to offer financial support to participants. However we will keep costs to a minimum, and will waive the registration fee for students. We expect the basic workshop registration fee to be about £ 30 ($US50), payable on arrival at the workshop. Payment can be accepted in pounds sterling, euros or US dollars. We plan to organise dinner (~7-9pm) at a local Indian Restaurant for a traditional `Balti' on the Friday 11th August. For those participants staying for dinner an additional £ 15 will be charged on the registration fee.

Hotel Information

We expect most participants will be attending the IAU in Manchester and simply `commute' from Manchester by train to Birmingham both days (a return ticket is about £ 25). However should you need hotel accommodation in Birmingham, below are a number of hotels close to the university campus. It is your responsibility to pre-book and make payment directly to the hotel concerned. If you are having difficulties, please contact us.
Here is a list of hotels close to campus.


Registration for the workshop has now closed.

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If you have any questions please contact us.

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