DAY 1 (Friday Aug.11)

09:30 Registration/Posters/Coffee

Galaxy Properties I - chair: Huchra

11:00 30m Davies "The environmental dependence of the properties of early type galaxies"
11:40 15m Forbes "The age and metallicity of galaxies in  different environments"
12:00 15m Kodama "Reconstructing the star formation history of galaxies in rich cluster cores"
12:20 15m Jones "Fossil galaxies: the end point of merging in galaxy groups ?"

12:40 Lunch

Galaxy Properties II - chair: Carter

2:00 30m Bridges "The variation in globular cluster systems with environment"
2:40 15m Oosterloo "Recent results from the HIPASS survey"
3:00 15m Mundell "High velocity clouds and the HI environment of  nearby galaxies"
3:20 15m Goudfrooij "The variation of dust properties in ellipticals with environment"

Galaxy Populations - chair: Norris

3:40 30m Huchra "The IR luminosity function of galaxies in different environments"

4:00 Coffee

4:30 15m Carter "The dwarf galaxy population in the Coma cluster"
4:50 15m Jorgensen "The Coma cluster: Properties of early-type galaxies as a function of cluster environment"
5:10 15m Pompei "Galaxy morphologies in a new Southern Compact Groups sample"
5:30 15m Colless "Variation of galaxy properties with environment in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey"

Discussion session I - chair Forbes

5:50 Focus on Galaxies
6:20 Posters/End

7:00 Dinner

DAY2 (Saturday Aug.12)

10:00 Registration/Coffee

Starbursts and Outflows - chair: Mundell

11:00 30m Veilleux "Starburst driven galaxy outflows"
11:40 15m Edmunds "Outflow, inflow and expected abundances inside and outside galaxies"
12:00 15m Dressler  "Starburst galaxies in distant clusters"

ICM/IGM - chair: Edmunds

12:20 30m Ponman "The impact of Chandra and XMM-Newton"

1:00 Lunch

2:20 15m Helsdon "The X-ray emission from galaxies in different environments"
2:40 15m Lopez-Cruz "Elliptical galaxies in clusters and the origin of the ICM"
3:00 15m Solanes "HI content of spirals in eighteen galaxy clusters: implications on the cause of gas deficiency"

Physical Processes - chair: Dressler

3:20 30m van Kampen "Physical processes in the intracluster medium"

4:00 Coffee

4:30 15m Stevens "Galaxy wakes in the intracluster medium"
4:50 15m Balogh "Modeling accretion-induced gradients in rich galaxy clusters". (See also here).
5:10 15m Bower  "The impact of galaxy formation on the ICM"
5:30 15m Gottloeber "The dependence of the merging rate on environment"

Discussion session II - chair Bower

5:50 Focus on ICM/IGM

6:20 End

Note: Posters will be available throughout the 2 days.