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Workshop on: 
"The Role of Feedback in Galaxy Evolution"

11,12th June 2001

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6th June, 2001

The final programme is now available here. There is also a gzipped postcript version available.

10th May, 2001

        The second email announcement for the workshop has been distributed, including a preliminary programme.A copy is available         here.
 23rd April, 2001
          The first email announcement for the workshop has been distributed, including details on registration . A copy is available here.

Scientific Background

The liberation of energy resulting from the formation and evolution of stars in galaxies, leads directly to modification of the galaxy formation and evolution processes, particularly where the star formation rate is high, as in starburst galaxies. Where massive black holes form in dense galaxy cores, the release of accretion energy can, in principle, also have a significant impact. It is clear that such  processes are crucial to an understanding of galaxy evolution, and allowing for feedback is widely regarded in the computational cosmology community as the most important challenge facing the realistic modelling of galaxy formation. However,  the complexity of the processes involved necessitates approximate measures, motivated by observation.

The aim of this workshop is to help this process along by bringing together observers and modellers to talk about the issues associated with feedback, evidence for feedback at work, consequences of feedback, and measures of feedback efficiencies. One aspect of this workshop will be to aim to cover a broad range of size scales, including detailed study of feedback processes in nearby systems, such as massive stars or star clusters, the starburst phenomena in nearby galaxies and the high redshift Universe, as well as the consequences of feedback for the intergalactic medium.

Organising committee

Financial Information

The financial backing for this workshop is very limited, so unfortunately we will not, in general, be able to offer financial support to participants. The basic workshop fee will be 30 pounds per participant. This includes two lunches and a traditional Birmingham gastronomic feast (Balti) on the Monday evening.

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Should you need hotel accommodation in Birmingham, below are a number of hotels close to the university campus. It is your responsibility to pre-book and make payment directly to the hotel concerned. If you are having difficulties, please contact us.
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Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the 1st announcement to register for the workshop.

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