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Workshop on: "Mapping the Mass"

1st,2nd August 2002

Mapping the Mass

  Scientific Background
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Scientific Background

We are planning an informal 2-day workshop on the distribution of matter on various scales on cosmological importance. The use of mass-mapping using gravitational lensing has now been applied to various scales from galaxies to superclusters. High-resolution x-ray observations are being used to model the matter distribution of groups and clusters. In particular, the mass distribution in the centres of clusters are of particular cosmological imterest. Large redshift surveys of optically selected galaxies have the potential of revealing the nature of large-scale biasing of light and matter. We would like to review the current status of such observations, and the light they throw on expectations from theory and simulations of galaxy and structure formation.

This informal workshop, involving ~50 participants, will be the 5th in the series of Birmingham extragalactic workshops. The format will include a mixture of 15 and 30 minute talks, leaving plenty of time for discussion.

Organising committee


Travel to Birmingham: It is very convenient to travel to the University by train. Birmingham University has its own station called "University", which is an 8 min ride from Birmingham New Street station, with local trains from New Street running every 10-15 mins during most of the day.

From the University station walk towards the centre of the campus, aim in the general direction of the clock tower, which is in Chancellors Court. The meeting will be held in the Small Lecture Theatre in the Poynting Physics Building. The most convenient entrance is in the adjacent Physics-West building, which is a red brick building on the other side of Chancellor's court from the station. The Small Lecture Theatre is on the top floor of the Poynting Building.

Some car parking spaces will also be available, please let us know if you plan to travel by car.

General directions to getting to the University can be found at Maps of the campus and surrounding area are shown on the University webpage

Overnight Arrangements for Thursday 1 August: We have booked all of you in the kind of accommodation you wanted for the night of August 1 -- by default Lucas House (about 52), unless you specifically you asked for Mason Hall (about 28) Both places are within a 10 minute walking distance of the Physics building, and are inside the Campus, off Edgbaston Park Road.

Paying for the accommodation upon arrival is your responsibility.

If you don't have a booking, a listing of local hotels is given on the workshop webpage All of these hotels are within walking distance of the University. From phone conversations both Copperfield House and the Bristol Court Hotel have a number of rooms available.

Meals: The two lunches will be held in the Staff House cafeteria, and the evening meal on Thursday will be at a Balti restaurant in Selly Oak (vegetarian options will be available). The costs of these meals is included in the registration fee (including one drink at the evening meal).

Registration: Payment of the registration fee of 35 pounds (to cover for two lunches, and one Balti dinner) can be made on arrival (by cash or cheque, with cheques payable to the `University of Birmingham'). I'm afraid we can't cope with credit cards. Some reduction for those attending for only one day will be made. The registration area will be next to the Small Lecture Theatre (where coffee/tea will be served as well).

Projection Facilities: We will have the usual overhead projector and facilities for projecting Powerpoint presentations. As ever with Powerpoint you probably should have a back-up in the event of an incompatibility between our system and yours.

Schedule for the Workshop: This program is still preliminary. We may still add a couple of extra talks, but as it stands we have left a reasonable amount of time in each session for discussion, as well as a 30 minute general discussion session at the end of each day. A final programme will be circulated within the next couple of weeks.

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