Name Affilitation Talk title (if appropriate)
Paul Alexander Cambridge The long-term effects of radio sources on cluster dynamics
Steve Allen Cambridge -
Yago Ascasibar Oxford Clusters of galaxies without cooling
Kurt Baker Bristol Morphological correspondence between X-ray emission and optical line-emission in cooling-flow clusters
Michael Balogh Durham The origin of entropy in intracluster gas
James Binney Oxford Heated cooling flows & galaxy formation
Richard Bower Durham The Galaxy Luminosity Function: a tough challenge for hierarchical galaxy formation
Dave Clements Imperial Extended X-ray emission in Arp220 - two sources of heating?
Shaun Cole Durham Cooling in semi-analytic and SPH models of galaxy formation
Garret Cotter Cambridge High-z clusters traced by groups of radio sources
Judith Croston Bristol Evidence for radio-source heating of group
Andy Fabian Cambridge Heating and cooling in cluster cores
Katherine Gunn Southampton -
Martin Hardcastle Bristol -
Katherine Inskip Cambridge -
Laurence Jones Birmingham -
Christian Kaiser Southampton Entropy evolution of the gas in cooling flow clusters
Scott Kay Sussex Feedback in simulations of X-ray groups and clusters
Habib Khosroshahi Birmingham NGC6482 - an old group without cooling?
Rowena Malbon Durham -
Hugues Mathis Oxford The impact of early cooling in non-gaussian models of structure formation
Ian McHardy Southampton -
Glenn Morris Cambridge -
Louisa Nolan Birmingham -
Mark Northeast Central Lancashire -
Henrik Omma Oxford AGN impact on cooling flow clusters
Lesley Onuora Sussex -
Frazer Pearce Nottingham The real properties of galaxy groups
Trevor Ponman Birmingham -
Somak Raychaudhury Birmingham -
David Rowley Sussex Simulations with cooling of mergers of clusters of galaxies
Irini Sakelliou Birmingham Cooling and heating around cluster galaxies
Jeremy Sanders Cambridge Off-centred abundance peaks in clusters of galaxies
Joe Silk Oxford Feedback & winds in protogalaxies
Ian Smail Durham Massive dusty galaxies at z>2
Ian Stevens Birmingham -
Peter Thomas Sussex Heating and cooling in the ICM
Richard Wilman Durham The origin and excitation of hot molecular gas in cooling flows