8th Extragalactic Workshop
                    "After the First Stars"
                        June 15-16th 2005

 Plans for the workshop are progressing, and a list of invited speakers
 is appended below. Everyone who has asked to attend will be welcome,
 and almost everyone who has asked to give a talk will be able to do
 so. A detailed schedule will be available on Monday 23rd May.
 Please circulate this announcement around your department.

 As with previous Extragalactic workshops postgraduate students are
 especially welcome and we would encourage them to register and
 volunteer to give a talk. Part of the flavour of these events is the
 lively discussion on a currently topical aspect of astronomy.  The
 total cost, including meals, for someone staying in student
 accommodation is only 80 pounds.

 A webpage with details of the workshop has been set up at

                    Frazer Pearce & Meghan Gray

 Invited Speakers

 Richard Bower, Matthew Bate, Andrew Bunker


 Evening Meal on June 15th:

 In a break with tradition we have booked a Chinese restaurant in
 Nottingham for the evening of June 15th. Apologies to anyone who was
 anticipating a Balti. Anyone with special dietary requirements should
 notify us.

 Accommodation arrangements for June 15th:

 You either need to let us know that you want to stay in Hugh Stewart
 hall of residence or book your own hotel. A list of hotels and guest
 houses is available at;
 We have reserved rooms for the workshop in Hugh Stewart Hall and will
 allocate them on a first come, first served basis. Hugh Stewart is
 less than a 5 minute walk from the Physics building, where the Workshop
 will take place.

 Information on travel to the workshop can be found on the workshop

 The meeting will start at 11am on June 15th (with coffee from 10.30am)
 and will conclude by 4pm on June 16th

 Further details will be included in the final circular to registered
 participants at the end of May.


 Please send this form to astroworkshop@nottingham.ac.uk by May 1st.

 The 8th Extragalactic Workshop

 "After the First Stars"



 I would like to attend the Workshop on June 15 and 16th

 I would like to give a talk entitled:-
 (Delete if not applicable)

 Preferred duration [15min/30min]:

 *I would like to reserve accommodation in Hugh Stewart Hall
 *I will book my own accommodation
 (delete as appropriate)