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    This web page is concerned with using the excitement generated by the recent XMM Satellite project to illustrate the principles of Physics. 

    Consistent with this aim at the center of the web site there are pages dealing with individual Physics topics as they relate to XMM. For each topic the importance to XMM is discussed, examples given, and XMM applications indicated. Around this core of Physics topics are clustered a number of XMM pages which describe more about the XMM Satellite project itself.

     A feature of this web site is that it is intended to be applicable to the A Level syllabus. It can both be used by students, in browsing or as a revision aid, and by Physics teachers as a resource pack.

    Most of the pages follow a question and answer style format and provide links to further information upon a subject. The site is structure such that a student can follow an individual subject but this should not prevent the use of internal and external links which provide extra information and further reinforce the link between Physics and the XMM project. To further help with navigation each topic is colour coded.

    For a number of topics there are question sheets provided. These may be printed out at the beginning of a topic to direct the student whilst browsing.

    An interactive quiz (in Javascript) allows students to record their to responses to a series of multiple choice questions designed to test their understanding of this material.


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     If a clear acknowledgement of the source is given, users are free to reproduce material taken from this site for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use this material for a commercial purpose, please contact us (below) to explain what you wish to do. 


    Because this page is still under construction we are happy to receive any feedback from all browsers. We would, however, be particularly interest in hearing from SIXTH FORMS and COLLEGES who have used this web site as a teaching aid and can advise us how to make this web site more useful to them. 

     If you wish to comment upon our web site either as a teaching aid or in general please email Dr Trevor Ponman

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