Data Location

The main diskdrives for my data are /data1/rft/ and /data2/rft/ currently located on lnxb. These will soon be moved by David to another location, and if I remember to update this page when that is done, then I will amend this page accordingly.
The important content of the directories are: /data1/rft/legacy/ and /data2/rft/legacy . These contain quite a lot of work that I have done on the XMM Legacy LP (now called REXCESS). I'll briefly describe the directory structure that I use for one of these clusters so that it is easy to navigate around. Incidentally, the supercluster Zw2341+0000, is in a directory on /data1/rft/legacy/supclus/ even though it is not part of the REXCESS project, but I put it there for convenience as my startup scripts would be able to find the appropriate blank-sky background events lists.

Directory Structure

Before I go into more detail for a specific cluster, there are quite a few other directories in /data1/rft/legacy/ The rest of the directories contain old data, so I'm not gonna bother to list them all here. For a specific cluster the directory stucture looks as follows:
/data2/rft/legacy/0003_0203/ /data2/rft/legacy/0003_0203/work/ Linked events lists are the reprocessed events from each camera with corresponding blank-sky field. Each directory should contain a log file (something like log.txt) which explains the processes that have gone into creating al the visible files.

In some cases, I have been given cleaned events files from Gabriel Pratt, and these have appeared in a new directory, for example /data1/rft/legacy/0547_3152/work/newdata/
The directory structure here is as follows:

The files pipe.csh and pipe2.csh do pretty much all the data processing in this directory.

Rowan Temple
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