Birmingham XMM Guide: Scripts

Introduction to Scripts

The scripts below have been written to reduce and analyse XMM-Newton data in a fast and simple way. They make extensive use of the SAS tasks, and HEASOFT's FTOOLS utilities, as well as the Chandra analysis package CIAO (though this is mostly for non-essential purposes). Many of the scripts simply combine several SAS analysis steps together, however it is advisable to read through a script before using it, to be clear on what it does. Some of the scripts were written for a specific task, or dataset, and while they have been made as general as possible, there may be assumptions, or default values within them which are not what you want.

There are a couple of useful points to note when using these scripts:

To download an individual script, shift-click on its name in the list below. A zipped tarball containing all of the scripts is also available here.

The scripts are written in TCSH shell, and will run on linux or solaris machines. To use them, it's best to place them in a directory that's in your PATH, e.g. put them somewhere like /data/xmmscripts/ and then put this directory in your path,
setenv PATH ${PATH}:/data/xmmscripts
Or you could add this to your login script.

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Description of Individual Scripts

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