Project Work Understanding and Updating



This section contains detailed work done to understand how Doppler measurements led to the Pioneer Anomaly, and a model used to simulate the original data The work then goes on to update the Pioneer craft and the model of the data in accordance with technology available in the 21st century. For example modelling what the results would look like if Pioneer 10 had 21st century technology on-board. The final result of this section of work is a model capable of predicting the level of accuracy a craft similar to Pioneer 10 &11 and would give in exploring the Pioneer Anomaly.


Interpretation of Residuals work done to understand how the Pioneer Anomaly was inferred from data

Doppler Measurement Errors characterization of two inherent errors in making Doppler measurements

Solar Corona Phase Scintillation a model of how the solar corona would affect any Doppler measurements

Random Number Generation & Data Analysis a model created to simulate how data would look in the presence of noise and the limit on acceleration accuracy


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