Photo of Alastair Sanderson I have now left academia and can be contacted via this website.

Until April 2013 I was a research fellow in the Astrophysics & Space Research (ASR) Group at the University of Birmingham. My research interests include groups & clusters of galaxies, the intracluster medium, galaxy feedback and cosmology, as part of the extragalactic group. Before November 2005, for 3 years I was a research scientist in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Illinois.

I am a co-founder and organiser of the Birmingham R users Meeting (BRUM).

You can find out more about my academic work in the research and key results pages.

R Project

I have written some web pages on using the R statistical environment package here. R is emerging as the industry standard for computing with data, with outstanding capabilities for data manipulation, analysis and visualization.

For more information on using R in astronomy, click on the image (left). For some more examples of plots created with R, including the code that created them, see the R gallery page. There are also pages on getting started with R, as well as some tutorials.

R is really important to the point that it’s hard to overvalue it

- Google research scientist, quoted in a New York Times article on R (with associated blog article Are you ready for R?)

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