R is all about computing with data, that is, gathering and manipulating data, applying statistical and numerical analyses, then summarising and visualizing the results.

For more information on why you might want to use R, click here and to see some examples of R graphics, see the R plot gallery, which also includes the accompanying R source code used to generate a variety of different plots.

According to John Chambers, in his excellent book Software for Data Analysis - Programming with R, the mission of R is

...to enable the best and most thorough exploration of data possible.

and the associated prime directive is that

the computations and the software should be trustworthy: they should do what they claim, and be seen to do so.

R is free (as in freedom) software, which provides the best opportunity to achieve high-quality and trustworthy software.

I have now left academia and have created a new website with information on using R.

zoomed in region of a ggplot2 scatter plot Galaxies in the local Universe with CLoGS groups indicated.

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