This website was launched on 30th Nov 2010, and was created from a template based on the design Borrowed Summer Holiday, from the excellent Open Source Web Design site.

The colours used in the banners and elsewhere are selected from the palettes provided by ColorBrewer. These are also available via the R package RColorBrewer. The banner logo depicts a kernel-smoothed density estimate of a bimodal distribution of 20 data points, with the best-fit twin Gaussian curves also shown. It is a simplified version of figure 12 from my 2009 paper.

The photos on this page were taken on a visit I made to Easter Island in 2006.

The 7 Moai on Ahu AkiviAhu Akivi

A Moai located on the slope of the volcano Ranu RarakuAn Easter Island statue, located on Ranu Raraku

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