A statistically-selected Chandra sample of 20 galaxy clusters - I. Temperature and cooling time profiles

Gas temperature profiles, scaled by the mean cluster temperature (figure 6 from the paper).

The smoothed curves are a locally-weighted regression fit to the raw data, using the task lowess from the excellent statistical software, R.

There is a clear difference between the steeply declining profiles of cool core clusters, compared to the roughly isothermal temperatures in non-cool core clusters.

Click the image for a larger version of the plot.

Mean scaled gas temperature profiles, split into systems with and without a cool core (figure 7 from the paper).

The mean profiles were obtained in R by a loess fit to all the raw data in each category, which allows a standard error on the regression line to be evaluated (shaded regions).

You can see a colour version of these mean scaled temperature profiles of cool core and non-cool core galaxy clusters, made using the excellent R ggplot2 plotting package in the R plot gallery, together with the code used to create it.

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