Clanger and model planet

Public outreach

If you are interested in learning more about astrophysics or gravity, then there are many different outreach activities you can induldge in. I would encourage everyone to get involved!


If you are in the Midlands, then the University of Brimingham Observatory runs public outreach activities. Particularly exciting are the upcoming Astronomy in the City series of events.

The Gravitational Wave Group also participate in a wide range of activities. The optics group have a good collection of games suitable for outreach, teaching and research.


If you are lucky enough to be in Cambridge, the Institue of Astronomy hosts a selection of different outreach activities. There is a public open evening every Wednesday during the winter season. I have previously given talks on solar neutrinos, the Earth's gravity, detecting gravitational waves in space and the Big Bang.


If you prefer to stay behind a computer, then you can ask a professional scientist a question about astrophyscis at Ask an Astronomer. If you are looking for a little procrastination, then I made a gravitational wave wordsearch for the Institute of Astronomy open afternoon.