Review articles


Here are some interesting review articles about cosmology, cluster physics, and gravitational lensing. It needs updating, but all articles are still relevant, and provide useful introductory reading ... enjoy :)

Gravitational Lensing

Lectures on Gravitational Lensing, Narayan & Bartelmann, astro-ph/9606001
Gravitational Lensing: Strong, Weak and Micro, Schneider, Kochanek & Wambsganss, online
Weak Gravitational Lensing, Bartelmann & Schneider, astro-ph/9912508
Gravitational Lensing, Bartelmann, CQG, 2010, 27, 23.; arXiv:1010.3982
Probing the Universe with Weak Lensing, Mellier, astro-ph/9812172
Cosmological applications of gravitational lensing, Blandford & Narayan, online

X-ray Clusters

X-ray Spectroscopy of Cooling Clusters, Peterson & Fabian, astro-ph/0512549
The Evolution of X-ray Clusters of Galaxies, Rosati, Borgani & Norman, astro-ph/0209035
The Physics of Cluster Mergers, Sarazin, astro-ph/0105418
The Mass and Entropy Distributions in Nearby Galaxy Clusters, Pratt, astro-ph/0607199
Cosmological Parameters from Galaxy Clusters: an Introduction, Tozzi, astro-ph/0602072
Tracing Cosmic Evolution with Clusters of Galaxies, Voit, astro-ph/0410173


The dark universe, Bartelmann, 2010, RvMP, 82, 331
Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies, Hu & Dodelson, astro-ph/0110414
The Cosmological Constant, Carroll, Press & Turner, online
Cosmology with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect, Carlstrom, Holder & Reese, astro-ph/0208192