Mentor Graphics Access


The Space Research Group uses Mentor Graphics for electronic design work, and the software is available on the C.A.D. Sun Solaris machines. To ease requirements for access to the console, it is possible to use Exceed on a Windows PC for remote access to Mentor.

This document serves as a guideline for setting up a PC for access to Mentor on CAD8.

1. Remote Access To CAD8

CAD8 runs the Secure Shell (SSH) server program for permitting remote access. There are a number of PC based programs capable of logging in using SSH. I recommend Putty, which is usually installed on PCs that John or I setup.

Once you have Putty installed, you should create a profile for connecting to cad8, using SSH-Protocol-2, and enabling X11-Forwarding.

2. Setting Up Exceed

Install the site licensed copy of Exceed onto your machine. Once it is installed, you will have to add the mentor graphics fonts to it.

This should allow mentor to display correct icons. If you haven't done this correctly, you will see letters, rather than mentor icons.

3. Setting Up Mentor

Little needs to be done, other than adding the default toolbox.

You should now have a fully setup mentor installation with all the available tools displayed in your tools window.

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