Local Squid Web Cache


A web-cache machine is currently setup and running for the department. It is running Squid, with a redirector (squirm) to improve access speeds for sites mirrored locally. Aspects of the current configuration are detailed below.

Squid Configuration

The cache is running on a 400Mhz Celeron, with 160Mb of memory and 600Mb of disk space dedicated to the cache. The machine has 25Gb of disk space devoted to mirrors of sites used extensively in the group.

It is parented to the university central cache machine.

Conditional Redirection Setup

To try to help improve the download speed, and avoid any US traffic charges, a number of sites are currently redirected to the 25Gb of site mirrors kept on the squid machine.

Because of the issues maintaining mirror coherency, I modified squirm to optionally check if a file exists on a local hard disk, and to only redirect if it does. This avoids the case of redirecting to a non-existent file. Unfortunately the source to the patch to accomplish this was lost in a theft, but if there is sufficient interest I will recreate it. A binary is still available.

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