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The BBC family of microcomputers are a range of 8-bit home-computers which were produced during the 1980s by Acorn. In this site, I intend to draw together information and discussion about the machines.

The information contained here is mostly from the dicussions held on the BBC Emulator Mailing List, and from the emulator development web pages I maintained at the time.

Mailing List

To subscribe to the current BBC Emulator mailing list, you should send an email to:


The subject of the email should be blank, and the body of the email should be:

subscribe bbc-micro

To send a message to the list, e-mail it to: bbc-micro@clound9.co.uk

List Archive

The BBC Emulator Mailing List Archive is mostly complete, although I believe there are a few posts missing as the list progressed through a number of host sites. I've also taken the liberty of removing subscribe requests which were sent to the mail list, rather than the administrator. If you see a post which is not 'on-topic', then let me know, and I'll remove it. Similarly, if you do not want one of your own posts archived here, please let me know.

Other BBC Related Sites

The best online references to BBC micros is to be found at http://www.nvg.unit.no/bbc/. It is an excellent site, maintained by Robert Schmidt.

The manufacturers of the BBC, Acorn, are also online.

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