UPMajor Modifications 

23-December-2003 Switched over to the new layout.
13-September-2003 Started site revamp and work-personal data separation.
14-March-2002 Updated the PSE release summary generation script to produce new style pages.
13-March-2002 Much updated CSS style for the main page, and most of the rest of the site. News items are identified as unique bordered units for non-broken browsers. It's a shame CSS doesn't appear to have a way to identify 'an element preceeding an element of type X', as it would have avoided the slightly messy way the bottom border is added.
13-March-2002 Fixed the PSE CVS change pages, and the SMEI ftp site file listings. Both were broken by changes to the linux installation after the hard disk crash. Also I resolved to be a little more diligent updating this changelog in future!
18-November-2000 Changed the javascript on the A0 plotter submission form to jump the user to a thank you page if the data passed the validation test and was sent to the printslave. This should avoid duplicate submissions.
06-November-2000 Updated the camera page to provide some information about the new USB camera that has replaced the black and white quickcam.
27-October-2000 Updated the MRTG/Monitoring web page with more recent information. There have been a fair number of changes to the site since March, but no major reorganizations. Added a like to DCS Corporation to the hardware recommendation page.
16-March-2000 Wrote and ran a script to convert the site to use XHTML 1.0 compliant source. There shouldn't be any visible differences but things should work better.
09-January-2000 Redesign of the site to use style sheets and ECMAscript extensively. Tested with Netscape 4 and Mozilla primarily. Should also work with Internet Explorer.
22-October-1999 Added MRTG monitoring of the CAD PC firewall. A set of graphs for the network traffic and system load on the firewall are available.
21-October-1999 Added a set of Image Library links from the SMEI page. Pictures from the thermal balance and vibration tests are available.
21-October-1999 Updated the site index with links to the Redhat 6.1 release.
20-October-1999 Updated the SMEI technical data with a more modular arrangement of pages, and ICD compliant 1553 setup tables.
20-September-1999 Updated the plotter information with a link to the step-by-step guide produced by Kam L. Wan. Also updated the price list to reflect the increases in consumable costs of fifty percent.
26-April-1999 Updated the site index with links to the Redhat 6.0 release.
7-April-1999 Updated the design of the Portable Space Engine pages, to conform to the HTML 4.0 specifications.
7-April-1999 Added a link to the RPM 2 HTML generated data for the RPMs I have build, and have available via ftp.
7-April-1999 Reconfigured the layout of the Portable Space Engine pages, to increase their loading speed.
5-March-1999 Added PSE CVS logs to the space engine pages. Logs are available for versions after 0.9.
19-February-1999 Started revising the look of the pages to remove the yellow backgrounds, and spice up the section headers a little. More changes to the look and feel are in the works.
8-February-1999 Much revised the set of pages dealing with the large format A0 plotter owned by the group. A number of posters are being prepared to brighten the department's notice boards and I want it to be as painless as possible to administer.
10-January-1999 Added information about using the large format plotter to the site.
4-November-1998 Upgraded a hard disk, and started to mirror Redhat 5.2 (sparc and i386) alongside Redhat 5.1 (i386).
26-October-1998 Updated the redirector list on the squid web cache page.
2-October-1998 Added links to the Webalizer program and the generated reports from my Admin Tools pages.
1-June-1998 Added a screnshot of my desktop to the personal section of my pages. I also added an extract from my TinyFugue configuration file to my recreation page.
28-May-1998 Updated the links to the Redhat Archives on my home page so they refer to the newly released Redhat 5.1
27-May-1998 Tidied up the monitoring/administration section. Rebuilt the PSE documetation tree.
4-May-1998 Ran the entire site through weblint set on pedantic and fixed most of the warnings. There were a couple of mis-nested tags, and those are also fixed now.
2-May-1998 Reworked the meta-information tags for the whole site, and included the site style sheets into all the pages. Hopefully this is one of the last times I'll need to edit the pages in a complete block due to the style sheet includes.
30-Apr-1998 Added a page describing the squid cache configuration, and current redirection lists. This is intended to allow people to check the policy currently in place on this cache.
25-Apr-1998 Started to rework the pages to use some cascading style sheets. Only a very basic rework at the moment, which should have no visible effect on the site. Also added some extra code to the page footers to show a different date format.
07Apr1998 Updated the graphic look for the web site. There are some more edges to finish off, but the old black-orange-yellow scheme is consigned to history now. The link buttons were produced using a custom script with The Gimp - and once I tidy it up, I'll post a link to it.
02Apr1998 I wrote the introduction to the 'Cryptography Awareness' pages. It's not linked to the hot link menus yet, as I want to fill in some more content first.
26Feb1998 It's been a quiet month uptil now, but I have a new method for producing these pages running now. More browsers should be supported, and the problems reported by some users should have been resolved.
30Jan1998 Added archives of the PSE mailing lists to the PSE information held here.
1Jan1998 Added a placeholder for the information on SMEI. This section will be fleshed out over the coming months as I work on the project.
27Nov1997 Updated the MRTG software to 2.5.1, and built RPMS and SRPMS of the software. I also reverted to the standard 5 minute update interval, so unfortunately the log files from the old setup are not compatible with the new configuration. The new monitoring page is also available.
12Nov1997 Added links to the TinyFugue RPMs that I produced for the latest release of the client. These should make it a breeze to install on any redhat / rpm based box.
30Oct1997 Updated the main index hotlist to use a slightly different way to highlight the item the mouse is over. This should really speed up the initial display of the page.
29Oct1997 Stopped the weekly mirror of SunSolve's patch area. Another local site is mirroring the data, so this partial archive was redundant.
24Oct1997 Added a new section to my personal pages about the trip to Moscow I took as part of a test of the JET-X Engineering Model instrument. A great place to visit.
10Oct1997 Added a link to the mirror of the PC Version of the Satelite Toolkit, and links out to the primary site, www.stk.com.
07Oct1997 Changed the camera settings a little bit, so that it only serves a maximum of 1 frame per second to reduce the impact of people looking at the live pictures. Also added code to time a session out after 900 frames have been served. This prevents problems some web caches have with a continual stream of data.
25Sep1997 Fiddled with a little bit of Javascript for the index pane. If you have javascript turned on, you get highlighted buttons and extra information about the links as you move the mouse over them. Now all I need to do is to add a bit more sparkle to the graphics...
16Sep1997 Added links to the Infinite Monkeys RC5 Challenge site. This group is coordinating an attempt to break the RC5/32/12/7 challenge, and show 56 bit keys are too weak to keep data confidential.
09Sep1997 Updated the Jet-X section to include a page detailing the Utility Software I have written for the instrument.
01Sep1997 Added a MUX section to the recreation pages. This section contains patches and documentation about the MUX engine, and the Portable Space Engine. I am adding to these as my free time allows.
28Aug1997 Updated the Jet-X section to include a page detailing the CDMS Software modification history. Change notices to the CDMS will be posted to this page.
11Aug1997 Updated the camera software to only send multipart-replace images to browsers identifying themselves as 'Mozilla'. A special check is made for Internet Explorer, as it claims to be Mozilla/4.0 but does not understand multipart-replace. These changes should mean that non-Netscape users can now view frames from the quickcam.
04Aug1997 Installed an automatically converted form of the CDMS Software User Manual. This version is complete, but has a number of conversion problems with the text formatting. I will address these issues when updates to Issue 3 of the manual are complete.
25Jul1997 Added a link to my PGP public key from the home page for those of you who want to send me secure email / play with security related code.
25Jul1997 Updated the MRTG monitors to provide links to packet per second statistics, as well as byte per second data.
19Jul1997 Updated MRTG to graph traffic passing through the firewall using the data from ipfwadm's accounting rules, rather then CMU-SNMP as the latter assumes all packets are 308 bytes long.
24May1997 Updated the mirror of Redhat Linux from 4.1 to 4.2 after the new release. Also updated the User Guide to version 4.2
26Apr1997 Introduced a link to the local mirror of the Sun Public Patches from the main index page. This mirror does not include the Recommended security bundles for Solaris other than 2.5.1
17Apr1997 Added a link from the table of contents to the recreation pages that I put together a long time ago. It links in a set of MUSE coding lectures I gave on TrekMUSE while I was at Bristol University.
19Mar1997 Added a link to the RedHat 4.1 Linux Distribution I hold on my machine. This distribution is easy to install and is up to date on security fixes and software enhancements. I also have a local copy of the User Manual here. I do not mirror the Sparc or Alpha distributions though. You will need to get these from Sunsite Northern Europe, or direct from RedHat.
17Mar1997 Added a link to the Big Brother status page. This nice tool allows near real-time monitoring of the health of a large number of systems. I have the software setup to monitor the CAD workstations, the department web server and my machine.
12Mar1997 Updated the site pages to use frames again so that the entire issue of mapping the table output to the background image location is much less critical. I've deliberately produced a set of pages that have a bookmarkable 'frame.html' page for each major section. This does cause artifacts when moving between pages though.
01Mar1997 Updated the site pages to look a little better using Netscape 3.01 on Unix platforms. This relies on very specific behaviour of this browser when compared to Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Annoying that Communicator Preview 2 now disagrees with Internet Explorer with the alignment of the background images with respect to the page itself.
26Feb1997 Updated the BBC pages to provide instructions on how to join the BBC Emulator mailing list, and a link and notes to the archive of said list.
13Feb1997 Started work on the new page layout for the site. Lots of cursing at the differences between Netscape 3.01 and Internet Explorer's handling of background images. As Netscape 4 handles alignment in the same manner as Internet Explorer 3, the pages have a small gap between the index and data sections with Netscape 3.01. Not too sure how the pages look on non-PC non-Unix platforms.
11Feb1997 Fiddled about with the layout to remove the 'Pulsar' home page logo as it was adding greatly to the depth of the site. Also added a mirror of the NT security pages previously hosted by Bill Stout.
08Feb1997 Start of command database and CDMS software manual linked from the Space Page. Also linked a full-colour scan of Spectrum-X from the gray-scale image on these pages.
04Jan1997 Little changes and updates to the pages.
09Dec1996 Added a table with varying refresh rates, resolutions and quality settings for the Spy-Cam. There should be something to suit everyone now!
06Dec1996 Put up a Spy-Cam on my 'About-Photos' page. Two versions are there - one updating every 5 seconds, and one updating every 40. Let me know what you think.
14Nov1996 I was forced to move site back to the central departmental server due to a change in departmental policy. The web counters are offline until CGI code is ported/installed/moved someplace else.
10Nov1996 Started to play around with the GIF Construction Set beta from Alchemy Mindworks. Great piece of software, and the animated images that I'm producing with this tool will be appearing on the site shortly.
07Nov1996 YES! I triumphed over the web counter code and now most of the pages should have a working counter on them. Funny how it can be something entirely unrelated to the code you believe is most likely responsible.
22Dec1996 Updated the About pages to have a separate section for the spy-cam, and enhanced the range of available resolutions and rates.
14Dec1996 Madeover my old page layout scheme to use a black and yellow scheme. A set of quick-links on the left should make navigating these pages easier.

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