Somak Raychaudhury
Research Interests

X-ray and optical observations of normal galaxies

Early-type galaxies (ellipticals and lenticulars) dominate the population of galaxies in most clusters and groups. In the hierarchical picture of structure formation, these galaxies are assembled by the merger of smaller galaxies. However, observational evidence in support of this picture remains sketchy, and even state-of-the-art simulations are unable to represent the rich complexity of galactic structure, or to model the crucial effects of "feedback", whereby young stars and supernova explosions reheat gas, and hence prevent an unrealistically large fraction of the baryons from cooling out to form stars.

My Publications in this field           

  1. A Chandra Observation of the Nearby Lenticular Galaxy NGC 5102: Where are the X-ray Binaries?
    Kraft R. P., Nolan L. A., Ponman T. J. , Jones C. and Raychaudhury S., 2005, ApJ, 625, 785-795
  2. X-Ray Observations of the edge-on star-forming galaxy NGC 891 and its supernova
    Temple Rowan F., Raychaudhury Somak and Stevens Ian R., 2005, MNRAS, 362, 581-591 
  3. Chandra Observations of the X-Ray Point Source Population in NGC 4636
    Posson-Brown Jennifer, Jones Christine, Forman William, Donnelly R. Hank, Raychaudhury Somak, Murray Stephen, 2005, in "Six Years of Science with Chandra", Cambridge MA, 2-4 November 2005

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