Somak Raychaudhury
Research Interests

Galaxy evolution in groups of galaxies

Groups of galaxies are believed to contain the bulk of the matter the Universe. They are the characteristic structures formed at the present epoch through hierarchical merging,
and thus an understanding of the formation of galaxies and of the large-scale structure of the Universe requires an understanding of galaxy groups. The low velocity dispersion of galaxies in groups encourages tidal interaction, and results in an enhanced occurrence of strong encounters, accretion and mergers. Hence, not only are groups the most common environment for galaxies, but they also provide an environment which is conducive to a rapid change in galaxy properties. I'm involved in

My Publications in this field           

  1. Scaling relations in early-type galaxies belonging to groups
    Khosroshahi Habib G., Raychaudhury Somak, Ponman Trevor J., Miles Trevor A., Forbes Duncan A., 2004, MNRAS, 349, 527-534 (astro-ph/0312292)
  2. The Group Evolution Multiwavelength Study (GEMS): bimodal luminosity functions in galaxy groups
    Miles Trevor A., Raychaudhury Somak, Forbes Duncan A., Goudfrooij Paul, Ponman Trevor J., Kozhurina-Platais Vera, 2004, MNRAS, 355, 785-793 (astro-ph/0408554)
  3. The Pisces-Cetus Supercluster: a remarkable filament of galaxies in the 2dFGRS region
    Porter, Scott C. and Raychaudhury Somak, 2005, MNRAS, 364, 1387.
  4. The Group Evolution Multiwavelength Study (GEMS): near-infrared luminosity functions of galaxy groups
    Miles Trevor A., Raychaudhury Somak and Russell Paul, 2005, MNRAS, submitted
  5. First results of the XI Groups Project: Studying an unbiased sample of galaxy groups
    Rasmussen Jesper, Ponman, Trevor J., Mulchaey John S., Miles Trevor A. and Raychaudhury Somak, 2005, MNRAS, submitted
  6. The Group Evolution Multiwavelength Study (GEMS): The Sample and Datasets
    Forbes Duncan A., Ponman Trevor. J., Pearce, Frazer, Osmond J.P., Kilborn Virginia, Brough Sarah, Raychaudhury Somak, Mundell Carole, Miles Trevor A., Kern Katie 2006, submitted to PASA.

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