Somak Raychaudhury

Current Academic Year 2011-2012
University of Birmingham, UK

Year 3    Autumn Observatory Laboratory Observing with the University telescope and spectrograph
Year 2              Spring Structure in the Universe Understanding the Universe with simple physics
Year 3 Spring Formation and Evolution of galaxies How the galaxies got their spots
Year 2 All year Year 2 Tutorials
Postgraduate  Autumn  Order of magnitude Astrophysics Not worrying too much about pi and family

Past years at the University of Birmingham

2007-2011 Observing the Universe
2006-2008 General Problems in Physics
2003-2006 Astronomical and Space Instrumentation
2002- Observatory Laboratory
2001-2005 Introduction to Astrophysics
2000-2006 Dynamics and Evolution of galaxies
2000-2002 Y3 Group studies: finding extrasolar planets
2000-2002 Y2 Astronomy Projects


Courses taught at IUCAA, Pune and Harvard University

1999-2000  Astronomical Techniques
1998-1999  Galaxies: Dynamics and evolution
1996-1998  Astronomical Techniques
1992-1995  The Astronomical Perspective, Harvard University (Core Science A-17)

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