Extrasolar Planets

Scientific Interests

Research on Extrasolar planets is a very new and exciting field, with the first extrasolar planet around a main sequence star being discovered only in 1995. A wealth of knowledge about our own solar system and its formation can be gained from studying these systems, and this field also has very important consequences for the search for extraterrestrial life. The Birmingham Extrasolar Planet group is searching for and studying extrasolar planets in a number of different ways, with current projects involving the search for extrasolar planet transits, and potential future projects including radio searches for planets, and inclination determination of known extrasolar planets. More details of our work can be found by following the links below.

Transiting planets

Magnetospheric Radio Emission from Extrasolar Planets

This relatively new group consist of Dr. Ian Stevens and two Ph.D students (Vinothini Sangaralingam and Gemma Whittaker).

All Sky Image taken by SMEI