"Stars, gas and dust in ellipticals: the mass-metallicity relation in different galactic components" , by Antonio Pipino, Oxford

I will present recent theoretical results on the formation and assembly of spheroids. These findings have been obtained by utilising different and complementary techniques: chemodynamical models offer great insight in the radial abundance gradients in the stars; while state semi-analytic codes implementing a detailed treatment of the chemical evolution allow an exploration of the role of the galactic mass in shaping many observed relations. The results will be shown by following the path represented by the evolution of the mass-elemental abundance relations in stars, gas and dust. I will show how, under a few sensible assumptions, it is possible to reproduce a large number of observables ranging from the Xrays to the Infrared. I will also present predictions on the evolution of both the metallicity gradients and the mass-metallicity relation that can be verified by means of the forthcoming observational facilities.

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