"Extragalactic star formation activity" by Estelle Bayet, UCL

I aim to better determine the physical and chemical properties of the molecular gas contained in extragalactic star-forming regions, to better infer the galaxy formation and evolution. Indeed, studying the star formation activity in a large range of galaxy types is an indirect way to better describe their stellar content, being one of the main galaxy component regulating its history. I will first present in my talk the observational and modelling results I have obtained looking at the carbon monoxide and neutral carbon lines in nearby and more distant (z>=6) galaxies. Going deeper inside the extragalactic clouds where massive stars are forming, I will then present the observational clues and the modelling predictions we have performed observing the CS molecule. Then, I will present the comparison I have performed between these two emissions, completing it by the dust radiation, very important too in such star-forming regions. Finally, I will show how this work is particularly interesting under the context of the future observations of Herschel and ALMA.

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