Learning about Aspects of Clusters and Cosmology from Weak and Strong Gravitational Lensing Approaches By Mandeep Gill (Ohio State University)

I will cover several aspects of current astrophysics that can be probed by various regimes of lensing in simulations and data -- from galaxy cluster substructure to what we can learn about cosmology from cluster weak lensing ensembles. Further, a new approach to extracting information from strongly lensed arc images that is model-independent that has the potential to revolutionize approaches to strong lensing analyses and is very complementary to weak lensing analyses will be introduced that I have been involved with in recent times. I will further briefly discuss initial lensing results from already-taken data of 6 clusters from the Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona, as well as projections for data coming from the Dark Energy Survey in Chile beginning late in 2011. Last, I will mention the launch of the GREAT10 project, and what potential it has to assist the worldwide lensing community in developing their toolkit for future cosmological analyses.

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