"Holographic ghost imaging" By Miles Padgett (University of Glasgow)

Whereas the light's spin angular momentum is associated with polarisation, its orbital angular momentum (OAM) arises from the transverse spatial mode. For many years we have used programmable spatial light modulators (computer controlled holograms) to measure the spatial mode of single photons and hence their orbital angular momentum. Most recently we have incorporated holograms into a down-conversion experiment, using them to rapidly confirm both EPR and BELL inequalities for OAM states.

However, the holograms are not limited to pure OAM states and can be encoded to measure any spatial mode or compex image. This creates an alternative configuration for ghost imaging of phase objects, giving various contrast enhancements. Analysis within the OAM basis set implies that high contrast is incompatible with a classical interpretation, revealing that ghost imaging is truly quantum in nature.

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