21st - 22nd September 2017

Cosmic Mergers

From Massive Black Holes to Massive Clusters

The Birmingham-Nottingham extragalactic workshop series consists of informal 2-day events, involving typically ~50 participants, with the aim of bringing together researchers in related strands of research in a topical and well-focused area of extragalactic astronomy.

This year, the topic of the workshop is Cosmic Mergers from Massive Black Holes to Massive Clusters, and it will be held at the University of Birmingham. We will review recent progress in our understanding of mergers in the extragalactic sky across a wide range of scales, and discuss scientific topics, physical processes, analysis techniques, and challenges of upcoming datasets, of common interest. More information about the scientific motivation can be found here.

To contact us, please send an email to workshop@star.sr.bham.ac.uk.

Click here to download the workshop posters.