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Click here to find out what x-ray astronomy is all about. Click here to find out how the telescopes and other instruments on XMM work. Click here to find out about the science which is being done with XMM. Click here to find out about the design and launch of XMM itself. Click here to see some of the images obtained with XMM. Click here for an overview of physics as it relates to the XMM project. Click here to work with real XMM data (not yet available)

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Welcome to the XMM Satellite Schoolpage. This web site contains information and diagrams intended for members of the general public with an interest in Astronomy. The following pages include sections on different aspects of X-ray Astronomy, and on the Design, Launch and Orbit of the satellite.

A special feature of this material is that it is applicable to the A Level syllabus, and can be used by students in browsing or as a revision aid. Some pages are accompanied by a self test. To access this material, click on Physics Ball above.

Physics teachers who wish to use this site as a resource pack should click the "Info for Teachers" option in the menu on the left.

If you do intend to use this webpage as a study aid we recommend that you download the whole website. You can find a link in the "Info for Teachers" section.

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