A list of published and accepted peer-reviewed papers is given below. ADS links point to the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System, which in turn links to the journal papers. Digital Object Identifier (DOI) links point direct to the journal paper. ArXiv/astro-ph links point to, where copies are available free of charge. For a few papers, local PDF and Postscript copies are also linked. My Ph.D. thesis is further down the page. Or you can try the listing services linked on the right.

Press and Image Releases

Hot gas sloshing in a galactic cauldron

Stephan's Quintet: A Galaxy Collision in Action
with accompanying Chandra Blog posts:
A Galaxy Collision in Action, and
What's Behind Stephan's Quintet?

Chandra's Find of Lonely Halo Raises Questions About Dark Matter

Papers and Preprints

Ph.D. Thesis

"X-ray properties of early-type galaxies", University of Birmingham, UK, 2002

PDF (1.4Mb) or gzipped Postscript (1.0Mb)