Introductory Statement

Department policy is for all web pages to be served from a central web server. This imposes some restrictions on the ease of deployment of CGI scripts and so forth.

Note also that these pages are not approved by the University, and the contents of the pages I maintain may not be University Policy.

I attempt to provide accurate and current information on these pages, though I do not guarantee that the contents are up to date nor accurate. Caveat emptor.

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The HTML used in the construction of this site conforms (for the most part) to the W3C HTML 4.0 specification. Browser extensions are avoided where possible, and only used where the page displays adaquately without the extension. (This means generally only BGCOLOR as a table cell extension is used).

Note that with the introduction of cascading style sheets (CSS), and HTML 4, parts of this site are being updated to use features in the updated specification. This may lead to sub-optimal output using browsers which do not conform to CSS/1 or CSS/2 or the new 4.0 features.

And finally an outline of legalease for the site is available. Basically, everything is provided as is, no warranty is given, and use of this site is at your own risk.

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