Outreach & Public Engagement

Our group is actively developing new tools and using new media to demonstrate the technology and science involved in gravitational-wave detection and gravitational-wave astronomy to a wider audience.

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The Team Our latest efforts were concentrated on creating new and exciting online material about gravitational waves. This material is hosted at gwoptics.org. The following in particular are worth a visit:

In addition, a gravitational-wave detection rate calculator and a number of animations explaining detection and parameter estimation on gravitational waves are hosted at our Gravitational Wave Astrophysics site.

Exhibition at the British
                     Science Festival 2010

In September 2010 the British Science Festival came to Birmingham! We put together an exhibition entitled 'Looking for Black Holes with Lasers'. The exhibition lasted for three days and was centered around a set of interactive computer games and hands-on demonstration models of gravitational-wave detector technology; three public talks completed the program.

Over 250 visitors joined us to find out how we use lasers to discover black holes by observing the gravitational radiation that they emit. For photos and more information please see the exhibition page.

More recently, we have taken our exhibition to many science festivals, open days and events, including meet-the-expert sessions at ThinkTank, activities to coincide with hosting BritGrav 15 and a special series of Astronomy in the City to celebrate the 100th anniversay of general relativity.