The Astrophysics and Space Research Group at the University of Birmingham has been involved in the design and manufacture of space instrumentation for over half a century. We have worked on many high energy (X-ray / Gamma-ray) space experiments and more recently with solar physics observatories. Presently we are working with international collaborations developing both space-borne and ground based gravitational wave detectors.

Our ESD protected clean facilities and laboratories have recently been refurbished and were officially opened in July 2004. These form part of the Centre for Space and Gravity Research.

Listed below are descriptions of projects that the Astrophysics and Space Research Group are currently involved with and some projects we have worked on in the past.

Present Projects

Past Projects

LISA Pathfinder
LISA Technology Demonstration Mission
Launched 13/12/2015
Solar-TErrestrial RElations Observatory
Launched 25/10/2006
Solar-B (Hinode)
EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS)
Launched 22/09/2006
X-ray Multi-Mirror Observatory
Launched 10/12/1999
Solar Mass Ejection Imager
Launched 06/01/2003
Large Angle and
Spectrometric Coronagraph
Launched 02/12/1995
Low Energy
Gamma-Ray Imager
Launched 21/04/1997
Spacelab 2
X-ray telescope (XRT)
Launched 29/07/1985
Röentgen Satellite
Launched 01/06/1990