Rowan's Data Analysis, Results & Scripts

During my PhD in Birmingham, I have spent a lot of time working on the X-ray background, in particular, the study of the effect that different background subtraction techniques has on projected cluster profiles. This webpage will essentially cover three main issues. Firstly, I intend to make available the scripts that I have written for various aspects of X-ray analysis, with discussion where appropriate. Secondly, I intend to put some of my results on this webpage so that if required, they may be used for future publications. Finally, I intend to put the location of all my cleaned events lists, annular bins, spectra, arf/rmf's that have been created in order that they might be used if required at some later date.

A brief discussion of my research can be found on my website, although the content is oversimplified. A fuller description of my work can be found in my thesis, which you can locate here.

1. Data Analysis Scripts

2. X-ray Background Results

3. Data Location

Rowan Temple
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