Assistant Professor at the University of Birmingham


The QPE ("quasi-periodic eruption") thinking group will gather over summer 2023 every two weeks on Friday at 3pm for about an hour at the University of Birmingham. Each week will be dedicated to a given topic that we will discuss using the main (and potentially additional) papers listed in the schedule below.

Week 1 (June 2nd, 2023): Observations

Main paper:

- "Repeating tidal disruptions in GSN 069: Long-term evolution and constraints on quasi-periodic eruptions' models" (ADS link)
Miniutti G., Giustini M., Arcodia R., Saxton R. D., Read A. M., Bianchi S., Alexander K. D., 2023, A&A, 670, 93

Additional papers:

- "Nine-hour X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions from a low-mass black hole galactic nucleus" (ADS link)
Miniutti G., Saxton R. D., Giustini M., Alexander K. D., Fender R. P., Heywood I., Monageng I., Coriat M., Tzioumis A. K., Read A. M., Knigge C., Gandhi P., Pretorius M. L., Agís-González B., 2019, Nature, 573, 381

- "X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions from two previously quiescent galaxies" (ADS link)
Arcodia R., Merloni A., Nandra K., Buchner, J., Salvato M., Pasham D., Remillard R., Comparat J., Lamer G., Ponti G., Malyali A., Wolf J., Arzoumanian Z., Bogensberger D., Buckley D. A. H., Gendreau K., Gromadzki M., Kara E., Krumpe M., Markwardt C., Ramos-Ceja M. E., Rau A., Schramm M., Schwope A., 2021, Nature, 592, 704

- "The complex time and energy evolution of quasi-periodic eruptions in eRO-QPE1" (ADS link)
Arcodia R., Miniutti G., Ponti G., Buchner J., Giustini M., Merloni A., Nandra K., Vincentelli F., Kara E., Salvato M., Pasham D., 2022, A&A, 662, A49

- "Host galaxy properties of quasi-periodically erupting X-ray sources" (ADS link)
Wevers T., Pasham D. R., Jalan P., Rakshit S., Arcodia R., 2022, A&A, 659, L2

- "Alive and kicking: A new QPE phase in GSN 069 revealing a quiescent luminosity threshold for QPEs" (ADS link)
Miniutti G., Giustini M., Arcodia R., Saxton R. D., Chakraborty J., Read A. M., Kara, E., preprint (arXiv:2305.09717)

Week 2 (June 9th, 2023): Disc instability

Main paper:

- "Magnetically Dominated Disks in Tidal Disruption Events and Quasi-Periodic Eruptions" (ADS link)
Kaur K., Stone N. C., Gilbaum S., 2022, preprint (arXiv:2211.00704)

Additional papers:

- "Global Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of sub-Eddington Accretion Disks around Supermassive Black Holes" (ADS link)
Jiang Y.-F., Blaes O., Stone J. M., Davis S. W., 2019, ApJ, 885, 144

- "Disk Tearing: Implications for Black Hole Accretion and AGN Variability" (ADS link)
Raj A., Nixon C. J., 2021, ApJ, 909, 82

- "The Role of Strong Magnetic Fields in Stabilizing Highly Luminous Thin Disks" (ADS link)
Mishra B., Fragile P. C., Anderson J., Blankenship A., Li H., Nalewajko K., 2022, ApJ, 939, 31

- "Modified models of radiation pressure instability applied to 10, 105, and 107 M accreting black holes" (ADS link)
Sniegowská M., Grzędzielski M., Czerny B., Janiuk A., 2023, A&A, 672, A19

Week 3 (June 30th, 2023): Report on the "Flares and Bursts in Galactic Nuclei" meeting (see conference website here)

Weeks 4 and 5 (July 14th and 28th, 2023): Star-disc interactions

Main paper:

- "EMRI + TDE = QPE: Periodic X-ray Flares from Star-Disk Collisions in Galactic Nuclei" (ADS link)
Linial I., Metzger B. D., 2023, preprint (arXiv:2303.16231)

Additional papers:

- "Hydrodynamics of Black Hole-Accretion Disk Collision" (ADS link)
Ivanov P. B., Igumenshchev I. V., Novikov I. D., 1998, ApJ, 507, 131

- "Stellar Transits across a Magnetized Accretion Torus as a Mechanism for Plasmoid Ejection" (ADS link)
Suková P., Zajaček M., Witzany V., Karas V., 2021, ApJ, 917, 43

- "QPEs from impacts between the secondary and a rigidly precessing accretion disc in an EMRI system" (ADS link)
Franchini A., Bonetti M., Lupi A., Miniutti G., Bortolas E., Giustini M., Dotti M., Sesana A., Arcodia R., Ryu T., 2023, preprint (arXiv:2304.00775)

- "Flares from stars crossing active galactic nuclei disks on low-inclination orbits" (ADS link)
Tagawa H., Haiman Z., preprint (arXiv:2304.03670)

Week 6 (September 1st, 2023): Mass transfer

Main paper:

- "Quasi-periodic eruptions from mildly eccentric unstable mass transfer in galactic nuclei" (ADS link)
Lu W., Quataert E., 2023, MNRAS, 524, 6247

Additional papers:

- "GSN 069 - A tidal disruption near miss" (ADS link)
King A., 2020, MNRAS, 493, L120

- "Quasiperiodic Erupters: A Stellar Mass-transfer Model for the Radiation" (ADS link)
Krolik J. H., Linial I., 2022, ApJ, 941, 24

- "Interacting Stellar EMRIs as Sources of Quasi-periodic Eruptions in Galactic Nuclei" (ADS link)
Metzger B. D., Stone N. C., Gilbaum S., 2022, ApJ, 926, 101

- "Unstable Mass Transfer from a Main-sequence Star to a Supermassive Black Hole and Quasiperiodic Eruptions" (ADS link)
Linial I., Sari R., 2023, ApJ, 945, 86

- "Tidal capture of stars by supermassive black holes: implications for periodic nuclear transients and quasi-periodic eruptions" (ADS link)
Cufari M., Nixon C. J., Coughlin E. R., 2023, 520, L38

Week 7 (September 15th, 2023): Lensing and concluding thoughts

Main paper:

- "A self-lensing binary massive black hole interpretation of quasi-periodic eruptions" (ADS link)
Ingram A., Motta S. E., Aigrain S., Karastergiou A., 2021, MNRAS, 503, 1703