Dark matter map of Abell 0209
Light map of Abell 0209
Dusty regions in Abell 0209
X-ray sources in Abell 0209

Science Aims

 We aim to measure the relationship between the structure of galaxy clusters and the evolution of hot gas and galaxies that inhabit them, our main science goals include the following:

- To find out whether/how the shape, normalisation and scatter of the cluster mass-observable scaling relations depend on the dynamical state of clusters

- To characterise the systematic uncertainties in dark energy experiments that rely on counting galaxy clusters as a function of mass and redshift

- To probe the astrophysics of galaxy cluster assembly, e.g. whether/how cluster assembly modifies the cooling of intracluster gas in cluster cores

- To measure and understand physically the cluster-to-cluster scatter in obscured, unobscured and recently quenched star formation within clusters

- To build a large sample of well-characterised gravitational telescopes with which to search for the sources responsible for cosmic ionisation

Data Samples

 Subsets of data include:

- The cosmological sample [link]

- Galaxy evolution/Herschel sample [link]

- The high LX sample [link]


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