Dark matter map of Abell 0209
Light map of Abell 0209
Dusty regions in Abell 0209
X-ray sources in Abell 0209

LoCuSS Papers

LoCuSS: the near-infrared luminosity and weak-lensing mass scaling relation of galaxy clusters

Mulroy, Sarah L., Smith, Graham P., Haines, Chris P., Marrone, Daniel P., Okabe, Nobuhiro, Pereira, Maria J., Egami, Eiichi, Babul, Arif, Finoguenov, Alexis, Martino, Rossella
2014, MNRAS, 443, 3309

LoCuSS: hydrostatic mass measurements of the high-LX cluster sample - cross-calibration of Chandra and XMM-Newton

Martino, Rossella, Mazzotta, Pasquale, Bourdin, Hervé, Smith, Graham P., Bartalucci, Iacopo, Marrone, Daniel P., Finoguenov, Alexis, Okabe, Nobuhiro
2014, MNRAS, 443, 2342

LoCuSS: The Steady Decline and Slow Quenching of Star Formation in Cluster Galaxies over the Last Four Billion Years

Haines C. P., Pereira M. J., Smith G. P., Egami E., Sanderson A. J. R., Babul A., Finoguenov A., Merluzzi P., Busarello G., Rawle T. D., Okabe N.
2013, ApJ, 775, 126

LoCuSS: The Mass Density Profile of Massive Galaxy Clusters at z = 0.2

Okabe N., Smith G. P., Umetsu K., Takada M., Futamase T.
2013, ApJ, 769, 350

LoCuSS: The Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect and Weak-lensing Mass Scaling Relation

Marrone D. P., Smith G. P., Okabe N., Bonamente M., Carlstrom J. E., Culverhouse T. L., Gralla M., Greer C. H., Hasler N., Hawkins D., et al.
2012, MNRAS, 754, 119

LoCuSS: A Dynamical Analysis of X-Ray Active Galactic Nuclei in Local Clusters

Haines C. P., Pereira M. J., Sanderson A., Moran S. M., Okabe N.
2012, ApJ, 754, 97

A Weak-lensing and Near-infrared Study of A3192: Disassembling a Richness Class 3 Abell Cluster

Hamilton-Morris V. H., Smith G. P., Edge A. C., Egami E., Haines C. P., Marshall P. J., Sanderson A. J. R., Targett T. A.
2012, ApJ, 748, 23

The Relation between Cool Cluster Cores and Herschel-detected Star Formation in Brightest Cluster Galaxies

Rawle T. D., Edge A. C., Egami E., Rex M., Smith G. P., Altieri B., Fiedler A., Haines C. P., Pereira M. J., Pérez-González P. G., et al.
2012, ApJ, 747, 29

Suzaku X-ray Follow-up Observation of Weak-lensing-detected Halos in the Field around ZwCl0823.2+0425

Watanabe E., Takizawa M., Nakazawa K., Okabe N., Kawaharada M., Babul A., Finoguenov A., Smith G. P., Taylor J. E.
2011, PASJ, 63, 357

LoCuSS: connecting the dominance and shape of brightest cluster galaxies with the assembly history of massive clusters

Smith G. P., Khosroshahi H. G., Dariush A., Sanderson A. J. R., Ponman T. J., Stott J. P., Haines C. P., Egami E., Stark D. P.
2010, MNRAS, 409, 169

LoCuSS: Calibrating Mass-observable Scaling Relations for Cluster Cosmology with Subaru Weak-lensing Observations

Okabe N., Zhang Y.-Y., Finoguenov A., Takada M., Smith G. P., Umetsu K., Futamase T.
2010, ApJ, 721, 875

Direct measurement of dark matter halo ellipticity from two-dimensional lensing shear maps of 25 massive clusters

Oguri M., Takada M., Okabe N., Smith G. P.
2010 MNRAS, 405, 2215

LoCuSS: A Herschel view of obscured star formation in Abell 1835

Pereira M. J., Haines C. P., Smith G. P., Egami E., Moran S. M., Finoguenov A., Hardegree-Ullman E., Okabe N., Rawle T., Rex M.
2010, A&A, 518, 40

LoCuSS: Shedding new light on the massive lensing cluster Abell 1689 - the view from Herschel

Haines C. P., Smith G. P., Pereira M. J., Egami E., Moran S. M., Hardegree-Ullman E., Rawle T. D., Rex M.
2010, A&A, 518, 19

LoCuSS: Probing galaxy transformation physics with Herschel

Smith G. P., Haines C. P., Pereira M. J., Egami E., Moran S. M., Hardegree-Ullman E., Babul A., Rex M., Rawle T. D., Zhang Y.-Y., et al.
2010, A&A, 518, 18

LoCuSS: Subaru Weak Lensing Study of 30 Galaxy Clusters

Okabe O., Takada M., Umetsu K., Futamase T., Smith G. P.
2010, PASJ, 62, 811

LoCuSS: first results from strong-lensing analysis of 20 massive galaxy clusters at z = 0.2

Richard J., Smith G. P., Kneib J.-P., Ellis R. S., Sanderson A. J. R., Pei L., Targett T. A., Sand D. J., Swinbank A. M., Dannerbauer, H., et al.
2010, MNRAS, 404, 325

LoCuSS: A Comparison of Cluster Mass Measurements from XMM-Newton and Subaru - Testing Deviation from Hydrostatic Equilibrium and Non-Thermal Pressure Support

Zhang Y. Y., Okabe N., Finoguenov A., Smith G. P., Piffaretti R., Valdarnini R., Babul A., Evrard A. E., Mazzotta P., Sanderson A. J. R., Marrone D. P.
2010, ApJ, 711, 1033

LoCuSS: The connection between brightest cluster galaxy activity, gas cooling and dynamical disturbance of X-ray cluster cores

Sanderson A. J. R., Edge A. C., Smith G. P.
2009, MNRAS, 398, 1698

LoCuSS: The Mid-Infrared Butcher-Oemler Effect

Haines C. P., Smith G. P., Egami E., Ellis R. S., Moran S. M., Sanderson A. J. R., Merluzzi P., Busarello G., Smith R. J.
2009, ApJ, 704, 126

LoCuSS: A Comparison of Sunyaev-Zel`dovich Effect and Gravitational-Lensing Measurements of Galaxy Clusters

Marrone D., Smith G. P., Richard J., Joy M., Bonamente M., et al.
2009, ApJ, 701, 114

LoCuSS: Luminous infrared galaxies in the merging cluster Abell 1758 at z=0.28

Haines C. P., Smith G. P., Egami E., Okabe N., Takada M., Ellis R. S., Moran S. M., Umetsu K.
2009, MNRAS, 396, 1297

LoCuSS: Comparison of observed X-ray and lensing galaxy cluster scaling relations with simulations

Zhang Y.Y., Finoguenov A., Böhringer H., Kneib J.-P., Smith G. P., Kneissl R., Okabe N., Dahle H.
2008, A&A, 482, 451

Related Papers

Connecting Cluster Substructure in Galaxy Cluster Cores at z=0.2 With Cluster Assembly Histories

Smith, Graham P.; Taylor, James E.
2008, ApJ, 682, L73

Pilot Study Papers

A CFH12k lensing survey of X-ray luminous galaxy clusters. II. Weak lensing analysis and global correlations

Bardeau, S.; Soucail, G.; Kneib, J.-P.; Czoske, O.; Ebeling, H.; Hudelot, P.; Smail, I.; Smith, G. P.
2007, A&A, 470, 449.

Scaling relations and mass calibration of the X-ray luminous galaxy clusters at redshift ~0.2: XMM-Newton observations

Zhang, Y.-Y.; Finoguenov, A.; Böhringer, H.; Kneib, J.-P.; Smith, G. P.; Czoske, O.; Soucail, G.
2007, A&A, 467, 437.

A CFH12k lensing survey of X-ray luminous galaxy clusters. I. Weak lensing methodology

Bardeau S., Kneib JP., Czoske O., Soucail G., Smail I., Ebeling H., Smith G. P.
2005, A&A, 434, 433.

A Hubble Space Telescope lensing survey of X-ray luminous galaxy clusters - IV. Mass, structure and thermodynamics of cluster cores at z= 0.2

Smith G. P., Kneib JP., Smail I., Mazzotta P., Ebeling H., Czoske O.
2005, MNRAS, 359, 417.

Measuring σ8 with Cluster Lensing: Biases from Unrelaxed Clusters

Smith G. P., Edge A. C., Eke V. R. Nichol R. C., Smail I., Kneib JP.
2003, ApJ, 590, 79.