Dark matter map of Abell 0209
Light map of Abell 0209
Dusty regions in Abell 0209
X-ray sources in Abell 0209

Undergraduate Opportunities

 We regularly hire undergraduates to work on LoCuSS during their vacations. Email enquiries are always welcome.

MSci projects are also available, and are advertised through the normal University of Birmingham channels to our undergraduates.

Postgraduate Opportunities

 PhD opportunities within LoCuSS and related projects at the University of Birmingham are available here.
More general information about applying for a PhD in Birmingham is available here.

Links to interesting review articles that may be useful for prospective graduate students can be found here.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

 When positions funded by research grants are available, on the AAS jobs listings.

 We are keen to support fellowship applications from individuals interested in working on LoCuSS. Links to potential sources of funding are available here.