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17th - 18th February 2015


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The Birmingham Nottingham extragalactic workshop series consists of informal 2-day events, involving typically ~50 participants, with the aim of bringing together researchers in related strands of research in a topical and well-focussed area of extragalactic astronomy.

The format will be similar to previous workshops in the series, with a mixture of 15 and 30 minute talks, leaving plenty of time for discussion.

Scientific Background

The growth of large scale cosmic structure is a fundamental consequence of our cosmological model and defines the context within which galaxies are formed and evolve. Studies of galaxy systems across a broad range of cosmic history are therefore a powerful approach to testing the cosmological model and to constraining galaxy evolution within a well defined cosmological context. This field is advancing rapidly thanks to a growing number of large surveys, many of which exploit advanced instrumentation on 8-m class optical/near-IR telescopes, are gearing up for full ALMA sensitivity, probe low frequency radio emission with LOFAR and GMRT, and probe hot gas with Chandra, XXM-Newton, and millimetre-wave telescopes. Growing computing power has also supported impressive progress in the realism of cosmological hydrodynamical simulations, thus providing an essential complement to the observational effort.

With powerful new observing facilities coming online around the start of the 2020's - e.g. JWST, Euclid, LSST, E-ELT - it is timely to review recent progress and consider upcoming opportunities. This is particularly relevant in the context of the UK community's interest in joining LSST. In this informal 2-day workshop we will (1) review our understanding of galaxy systems, spanning massive galaxies, groups, clusters, superclusters, proto-clusters out to z~2, and (2) discuss what observational, theoretical, and algorithm developments are required to take full advantage of the exciting opportunities post-2020.

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